3:26 a.m

There’s pain in the heartbreak
Or in the mind’s overtake.
But how beautiful is it to find
All your pieces on the ground
Waiting for you to pick them up
As high as the great Sun God,
To construct another version
Of everything you are as a person.
The hability to create new
To forget all the used.
We are humans made of particules
Or we are told so anyway
And in every possible way
Without destroying we can’t create.
So we live our lives like we’re unique
And maybe we all are but not like this
It is not the need for attention
Or the battles with our great ego,
It’s the kindness, the free mind,
The soul within our tired eyes
That makes us different somehow.
Stop looking for groups to join
And listen to your own thoughts
That’s the one with the truth
That’s the one you cannot lose.
Do you feel the breeze ?
Do you see the peace?
Running from your lungs
Into the chamber of your soul?
That’s you, the real you
Asking for a truce.
Sweetlips you broke me,
Everything I hoped to be
Vanished with your hips
When you said not to fight thee.
Nowadays I don’t feel anything
But peace and love in me,
No hate no anger, just this
And the memory of us happy
Like I never hoped to feel.
And I forgive you
And I forgive me
After all it is not our fault
That life is so wrong
And society kills our prose.
I’ll ask you one more time
To take my love back
Just to feel your chest
Growing into the thin space
Of the melody we forever create.


A normal Thursday day between her legs

I went down into the kitchen
To find her by the oven,
Her legs going down
As she inclined,
Legs made by Lucifer
That only fixed her.
I came in and grabbed her behind
She told to look at her pants
“I’m no wearing no panties”
“That’s the best kind of panties”
I took her from behind,
Lean her over the fridge
Sort type of things
Felt from it.
A spoon hit me
And stared at me.
I kept kissing her neck
As she grabbed my cock’s head
She was hard
Never delicate with those hands
But I liked it rough
And she was a wolf.
We kept the movement
With the front door open,
I could hear her screaming
Biting my arms into bleeding
Two beautiful bodies
Fighting death
And nobody
Could stop until I came.
The world looks beautiful
Inside the eyes of a young girl
Entering an extasis world
In a way so purposeful.
I never knew what was in the oven
But we ate chips over an existential argument
And we never found her underwear.


A free soul 

We are indigents on this world

Full of people filled with lost hope,

Begging ourselves to forgive her

As the pain grows I miss her.

I promised myself to never let

Anyone new, know my head,

And then you walked inside

Claiming things that were mines. 

You think just like I do,

You fear as much as I,

You hate the little lies

You love the guardians of the true.

A free soul is so hard to find

On these days we run by, 

That the first time I saw you

Looking so purely beautiful

I knew I’ve just found

The girl that my eyes

Where looking for as they write

Poems looking at the Moonlight.

So I am truly sorry

If you ever love me, 

’cause today I’ll listen and talk

About dreams and prose

But tomorrow I may shut down

As the stars begin to shine

Through these eyes of mine. 

I’ll be thinking about another World

Where misery is just another word

Kids to never grow old

Ladies don’t play the cold

Games they’re so good for. 

I love you, and I never knew I could

You love me, and I never thought you should. 

I need this pain 

To create art, 

Let’s jump the fence 

And run away now. 

The land of doubt and confusion 

​Like two planets 

That just collapsed 

Your soul entered my life 

Creating a thousand stars. 

Some of them shine 

At night when I feel lost 

And alcool poisoning talks 

And surrounded by fools 

I sit alone by the swimming pool. 

Some of them shine 

At 10 am 

With the coffee break 

Filling my veins 

With impurities 

And nostalgic memories. 

But what really wanders me

Are the stars 

That don’t shine

So clear in my dreams, 

Those who keep the magic 

Dust you used to feed me with, 

The one my lips feared

Every time yours it kissed. 

I wonder if those stars 

Will ever shine up high again

Or if your hair 

Dusted the magic pearl 

My heart held. 

Balade crépusculaire

La lune était pleine
Et de toi je me suis souvennu
Tes yeux si clairs
Dans cette lune j’ai vu.
Le soleil était couché
Donc je me suis réveillé
Et entre bouteilles vides
J’ai cherché en ma mémoire
Le petit coin
Où j’avais perdu la raison,
Et je l’aie trouvée
Là où je l’avais perdue
Quand tu as dit non.
Et toutes ces chansons
Que j’entends profond,
Seblent m’accorder
Au rythme de la symphonie
Jamais finisse.
Chaque note
Chaque vers,
Chaque œil
Ô si verts !
Comment pourrais-je
Oublier cet être
Que dans tes yeux vivait?
Comment as-tu pu
Combler cet mythe
Qu’entre tes seins
Et mes mains
Se formait ?
La mélodie on a arrêté
‘Viens, soyons normaux
Assis toi, je ferai du thé’
Mais c’était non
Et maintenant la lune
Me poursuit
Et ton souvenir
Entre les nuages