Balade crépusculaire

La lune était pleine
Et de toi je me suis souvennu
Tes yeux si clairs
Dans cette lune j’ai vu.
Le soleil était couché
Donc je me suis réveillé
Et entre bouteilles vides
J’ai cherché en ma mémoire
Le petit coin
Où j’avais perdu la raison,
Et je l’aie trouvée
Là où je l’avais perdue
Quand tu as dit non.
Et toutes ces chansons
Que j’entends profond,
Seblent m’accorder
Au rythme de la symphonie
Jamais finisse.
Chaque note
Chaque vers,
Chaque œil
Ô si verts !
Comment pourrais-je
Oublier cet être
Que dans tes yeux vivait?
Comment as-tu pu
Combler cet mythe
Qu’entre tes seins
Et mes mains
Se formait ?
La mélodie on a arrêté
‘Viens, soyons normaux
Assis toi, je ferai du thé’
Mais c’était non
Et maintenant la lune
Me poursuit
Et ton souvenir
Entre les nuages



Death is smiling at my sleeping

I feel like everyday
It’s getting me closer
To my very end.
People are just so fake
So not good to each other
I just fade
And cry away.
I hide in my room,
Thoughts coming out
Of my sick mind.
I remember more
As I’m eager to forget
That you’re not by my side
But drugs are,
And my brain falls apart
Making everything clear
And all so unreal
That my soul can’t take
The swords you cave in.
So I lay here
Waiting for something
Or someone
To save me.
But no-one will come
Everyone will go
And fuck with my feelings.
My dad left
My mum stayed
But her intensive love
Just kills me deeper
And I’m going crazy
Crazy, crazy, crazy…
I locked myself inside
This brain of mine
And I’m being bullied
By the thoughts I created.
I’m never going to find
The place I wanna be
I’m never gonna be
The person I pretended.
These fake smiles
These freezing lies
I can’t take that much
All by myself.
I saw Death
The other night
Standing at the end
Of my comfortable bed
And she laughed
In a sadistic way
I’ll never forget.
I saw a thousand lights,
A hundred bees
Coming for me
And my sheets
Could not save me
From these monsters
Drugs created
Inside my being.


The cigarette habit

I feel it between my lips
Growing and blowing
Like a midnight trip
Making my lungs
Their sweet home.
This cigarette habit
Longing for Death
Beautiful, eternal fight
Lightning a new cigarette
Laughing at faith,
‘Find me a lighter, quick.’
The light at the top
Off my cigarette-rolled
Flashes like an enormous star
Never stopping the fight.
This is my last cigarette sir,
I swear.
I was just trying so hard sir,
To change.
Lying to myself
Lightning cigarettes,
Blowing O’s
Was everything I ever done,
So I’ll ask Death,
And also to myself,
Will you find me
Surrounded by all this smoke?
Will I find myself
In the middle of this cigarette?
I am probably wrong,
But it’s actually time for a smoke.