Another tequila night

Another tequila night
Girls gone wild,
Alcohol to the core
Of this special shot.
I used to love the game
Flirting with someone else
Finding a new person
Releasing the pressure.
Now I don’t feel anything
And all is boredom,
Thing are good seldom
I don’t find it interesting.
Why look for another woman
When I can’t forget the old one?
Why play for days, months, years
To get fucked up in the end of it?
My addiction is coming back
And I don’t have the energy
To keep it from my misery
As in my mind I hold you tight.
I want it all to just go
Though these lines
Don’t seem to stop
And I’m tired of trying
When there’s just acting.
More tequila is coming
Girls all around puking
A pen slices my hand
Blood filling my insides,
And I begin to write.
I’ll leave you be now
Don’t worry about I,
There’s still some art
Left for me to die.

A free soul 

We are indigents on this world

Full of people filled with lost hope,

Begging ourselves to forgive her

As the pain grows I miss her.

I promised myself to never let

Anyone new, know my head,

And then you walked inside

Claiming things that were mines. 

You think just like I do,

You fear as much as I,

You hate the little lies

You love the guardians of the true.

A free soul is so hard to find

On these days we run by, 

That the first time I saw you

Looking so purely beautiful

I knew I’ve just found

The girl that my eyes

Where looking for as they write

Poems looking at the Moonlight.

So I am truly sorry

If you ever love me, 

’cause today I’ll listen and talk

About dreams and prose

But tomorrow I may shut down

As the stars begin to shine

Through these eyes of mine. 

I’ll be thinking about another World

Where misery is just another word

Kids to never grow old

Ladies don’t play the cold

Games they’re so good for. 

I love you, and I never knew I could

You love me, and I never thought you should. 

I need this pain 

To create art, 

Let’s jump the fence 

And run away now. 

Bad diary verses

Je m’en souviens de cette après-midi d’été
Sur les herbes d’une plaine ensoleillée
Comment j’ai senti nos corps
Lentement se cacher derrière le décor,
Et entre les chants
De centaines d’oiseaux,
Un dans l’autre sentir peur
Et nos âmes se briser comme des oeufs.
La naissance de cette fin
Été annoncé sur ce dessin
Que l’on aimait observer
Dans la rue des pervers.
Tu lâcha quelques larmes
Je te essuya le visage
Dans le coeur de notre âme
Habitait encore cette image
Du premier baiser sur cette identique  plaine,
De l’adieu à toute notre peine.
Cet adieu, ma fille,
Nous laissera vis-à-vis
Face à la macabre solitude
Au visage plein de bitumes.
Depuis aujourd’hui,
Je t’oublie.
Ton coeur sera toujours avec moi,
Personne ne prendra le mien
Car il est trop ancien
Pour plaire aux jolies demoiselles.
Cette après-midi d’été
Sera toujours notre plus grand péché,
Sera le jour où l’on a dit non
Au plan secret de ce grand Dieu.