Every cell of your being

Your eyes came to me
As a morning lightning,
The moon shone
And we became one enormous stone.
The touch of your soul
Against mine, which never loved
Was the greatest result
Of our parfaite symphony we called
‘Recovering the brokens IV.’
Even if I wanted to
I could never lie to you
’cause your soul is so pure
And your tears I fear.
But I think too much about poetry,
And you know about the whisky,
So every night
You’ll think I’m drunk
But I’ll be just amazed
By the Moon’s light,
Shining deep in your eyes.
And every morning,
You’ll see me waking,
At 4 a.m to write,
Know that I’d write art
Not for you
But about you.
And when you’ll see me,
Almost evoiding you,
Know that I do it to not scare you,
With my poet’s depression,
My honest expression,
That I need to write, to survive.
So if you love me,
I am sorry,
Sorry for all the times
I won’t share my mind,
The times I’ll stare at you,
Never talking
Thinking about poetry,
Before thinking of you;
The times I may seem crazy,
And I just may be,
But it’s only in the best way;
In those days,
I won’t hesitate
To tell you
How I need you,
You and your positive energy,
Your long night readings,
Every cell of your being.
You’ll have to accept
My moon affairs,
But you’ll receive,
All my goddamm peace.



Let’s be kids once again

I used to wish to be an astronaut,
feel higher than anyone
Dance with the stars
in the open space
see how tiny and beautiful
the Earth is.
I used to wish to be away from everyone,
all human kind
embrace loneliness,
run away into all these
beautiful wise trees.
I used to love to evade
In time and space
Forget about society
Live like a solitary.
I used to dream
About being another but me
Smiling at difficulties
Sleeping like a baby.
But now darling,
Now that you’re with me
I just love to be
Standing next to you. Feeling your energy
So positive, against mine
Making everything just shine
Every color blowing
Like fall-trees
With their leaves
Into the ground crashing.
You make everything
Look like childhood memories,
Grow up with me
Let’s be kids once again
Hide behind necessity
And laugh until the Earth shakes,
And Death be completely afraid.


The Moon’s hiding tonight

I look up in the sky
The Moon’s hiding tonight
I see myself melting
With the darker light
Of a missing star.
I wish I could just
Stay between the Moon’s arms
And forget these humans
Living of dust and lust.
Humanity has so many
Lies in their eyes,
All over their filthy hands,
You couldn’t trust
The unique self you’re living with.
They say poetry it’s sad
I wish I’d understand,
It’s healthy bad
And soulful needed.
You couldn’t believe
What it has done for me,
To me..
Helping escape the world
Of hypocrisy and troubled souls,
Evade to a world
Where every word formes a new home.
We fight wars
We don’t understand
We live in raws
Packs of bad wine.
Every night
I like to look at the sky
And remember the times
Where she was there
And I was hers
And even the force of the Sun
Charged with responsibilities
And high insecurities
Couldn’t take that away.


Conversation with a broken lady #14

‘On m’a toujours dit de croire au destin’, ses lèvres prononcent ces mots en tremblant doucement au rythme du vent, ‘tout ce qui t’arrive est déjà préétabli, par un dieu ou une force supérieure, chaque un a sa théorie et chaque une fini par me blesser. Je ne sais pas si croire encore à cette idée si décevante.’

‘Quel serai le point des choix si l’on croyais au destin ?’, lui dis-je sans hésitation, ‘et si le destin n’étais qu’un énorme mensonge enfantin ? Créé pour nous surmonter quand la terre on semble porter et que nos larmes commencent à danser, et nous servir d’excuse quand les choses se compliquent ? À quoi servirai de choisir si tout est déjà écrit ? Pourquoi douter si la réponse est donnée ? Je pense que l’on doit toujours douter, c’est dans notre nature humaine. Tu ne devrais pas écouter ceux qui te blessent en s’excusant, leurs excuses ne sont que des causes. Relève toi, agis contre ce vent de tempête.’
Elle se leva, en avancent ses bras vers le ciel brun, et je sentis des gouttes tomber du ciel. C’était ses larmes, chaudes et transparentes comme son âme. Je regarda cette image d’elle, la lune à l’horizon énorme dans sa pleine splendeur, des arbres entonnant des chants nostalgiques, les larmes qui coulaient de sa face sembrait des semelles infertiles, et un énorme frisson me recouvra. Et dans ce défunt paysage autumnal, elle renaîtra.