3:26 a.m

There’s pain in the heartbreak
Or in the mind’s overtake.
But how beautiful is it to find
All your pieces on the ground
Waiting for you to pick them up
As high as the great Sun God,
To construct another version
Of everything you are as a person.
The hability to create new
To forget all the used.
We are humans made of particules
Or we are told so anyway
And in every possible way
Without destroying we can’t create.
So we live our lives like we’re unique
And maybe we all are but not like this
It is not the need for attention
Or the battles with our great ego,
It’s the kindness, the free mind,
The soul within our tired eyes
That makes us different somehow.
Stop looking for groups to join
And listen to your own thoughts
That’s the one with the truth
That’s the one you cannot lose.
Do you feel the breeze ?
Do you see the peace?
Running from your lungs
Into the chamber of your soul?
That’s you, the real you
Asking for a truce.
Sweetlips you broke me,
Everything I hoped to be
Vanished with your hips
When you said not to fight thee.
Nowadays I don’t feel anything
But peace and love in me,
No hate no anger, just this
And the memory of us happy
Like I never hoped to feel.
And I forgive you
And I forgive me
After all it is not our fault
That life is so wrong
And society kills our prose.
I’ll ask you one more time
To take my love back
Just to feel your chest
Growing into the thin space
Of the melody we forever create.



These arms of mine

Goodbye blue sky
I’m going far tonight,
For I have tried
And I’m far too tired.
Human relationships are hard
I never know how to react,
How could I if I live in disguise ?
Since the beginning of my time
I am not capable of knowing the how,
I can certainty decrypt the why
But never tell what’s behind the mask.
It’s not that I don’t want to speak
Is that I’ve always been so lonely,
That my words seem lost
Beneath the surging flow
Of my mysterious soul.
I am not made for people
And now I should leave you
So we could be free
And finally live.
For I’ve never done anything
That could hurt something
You cared about fondly.
But you’re good now
Kissing another man,
Breathing me out
And that’s all I care about
Since my love is always mad
And your happiness I want so bad,
Even more than what I planned.
You don’t know how much
You meant to my heart,
You melted like ice
Just never asked
What was in my mind.
So goodbye blue sky,
Goodbye love of mine
I’m leaving before I die
So you can lead a good life
Away from these arms of mine.


On conversations

​I’m just so tired

Of normal conversations.

I don’t want to talk 

If it’s just to wait for 

Someone else’s word 

I want to be heard 

And understood 

I want to be listen to 

Through histories. 

I don’t want to hear 

Your same apologies 

The same memories 

You always do. 

I want to hear 

About what makes you, you

About what made you be here 

About your greatest fear 

And your constant dreams. 

I want to know 

What you are running from, 

What do you call home, 

I want to know about 

The raising tears you get 

At 4 am when nobody’s there, 

About your childhood wishes 

And how life smashed them, 

About what you think 

Every morning 

In front of your shoes

And makes you leave your bed 

Even if you never intended to. 

If you want to have a conversation 

Let’s have one,

But don’t expect me to listen 

If you’re going to tell me the same bullshit

You tell everyone else, 

If we have one 

Be ready to open your mind and heart

And forget the little lies. 

Conversation with a broken lady #19

​’All I want is to help him go through it,’ she told me a month after the break down,’I know I’m broken, every part of me feels that way, and I don’t know how I am supposed to keep breathing when every time I inhale, his memory burns my heart. But the fact that he could be worst than I am, destroys me in the inside, makes me want to help but I can’t seem to find the way, and it keeps torturing myself.’

‘You should rest dear,’ I told her as I looked thought those crystal clear eyes,’you are way too much damaged to even try to help yourself. You can’t help him, or me, nor anyone, if you don’t heal yourself first. You need to forgive you, to motivate you enough to stop all this vice and be alive once again. Found yourself, embrace it, kiss it, hold it tight and never let go, never let go. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have your life back, your soul will shine, and even without talking, you’ll be helping, everyone who you’ll cross and everyone you’ll ever love.’

Conversations with a broken lady #18

​’I’m tired of pretending,’ she told me with intense eyes at the station bench, ‘after he left, I suffered a lot, more than I could try to explain. And after a certain time, I thought I had move on, I really thought I was happy again, that it was all over, gone. But now I realize it was all a lie, he’s still on my mind and always has. It’s like a disease from which you can’t recover. I want to call him, tell him all this things, but I don’t want to ruin him. His happiness is my first priority, and mine’s not even second.’

‘Stop doing this to yourself,’ I asked her worryingly, ‘it really isn’t the easiest way to do it but you should let it go now. If you want to call him and tell him the truth, do it. Truth is what matters. We tell little lies everyday, and forget about them the day after; but when you tell the truth, it stays there, it changes things. To better or worse but at least it makes it different, like closure. Right now you don’t know where you are. I don’t mean it physically, but your true self don’t know what it wants, so you’re aging for direction. And the direction we already know seems always the better, the easiest; but it isn’t always the best. Time changes things and persons, it’s inevitable. You have to keep going, with truth as your armor, and in the right time you’ll find the image you were searching for.’