My trusty friend

​I remember her 

Sitting under the rain 

Men best friend 

A child best partner. 

It was my first pet 

My first love, 

My first dog. 

‘Dog life’ we say 

To express some kind 

Of bad luck 

But dog life 

Is the best one;

You can just lie there 

And forget pain

Under the sunlight 

Burning your troubles, 

You love 

But you never suffer it


You can lick your balls 

And no one 

Will ask you something for, 

You can yell 

And make yourself heard 

You can feel the sun 

And just embrace it.

I remember how I went 

With an umbrella by my hand 

As I watched her freeze under the rain 

And I went outside 

And cuddled her 

Put the umbrella under 

Her neat-long-reassuring hair

And felt asleep. 

My mother found me 

The morning after 

Lying on the garden 

Around my lion 

My faithful  partner 

Wet as hell 

Sick to death 

But my dog 

I kept safe

And my journey wasn’t 

At least so worthless.