Conversations with a broken lady #10

‘What can I do?’, she asked me with tired eyes, ‘every night I go to bed, wishing to get some rest, but then when I’m lying there, in the middle of my now enormous bed I try to tell my brain to shut down but all I do is think about him. How can I forget the thing that’s all day long coursing me around and doesn’t let me rest at night. I tell myself to dream about someone else but it doesn’t matter what I do, choose or want, the memory keeps flowing and I still want to hold him in my arms.’
‘I’m sorry to tell you that you can’t really do much to it,’ I answered with even more tired eyes, ‘if the memories keep coming back it is because you just couldn’t assume the reality yet, and that’s okey, you are not the only one who has gone through that, you are not alone. It means that you cared for it, and you really gave your heart to the relationship but sometimes – or all the time you’ll think – thing doesn’t work out even if you give it all ’cause some people don’t or are just too scary of doing it. But you shouldn’t change yourself, just learn and grow yourself up, we learn from our mistakes daily and here, you need to let it go and hope for something to happen so that you can continue living and more importantly, dreaming.’



Ice cube hearts

The way the ice cube cracks
when the drink hits the glass,
as if it’s saying, “ahh…”

The way my heart broke
when it first let you in.
The way your eyes looked
When I let you home
Leaving without a kiss.
The way we played
Hiding glances
Flowing around the air
Without anyone noticing.
The way you closed
Your globes
When you first kiss me
And the way I remember them now
That you’ll just ignore my being
And leave, and leave..
The ice cube broke down entirely
Letting the tears invade its fortress
And I should surely
Collapse with it and progress.


Tell me..

Tell me, how old would you be if you didn’t know your age ?
Tell me, don’t you like to make love to the stars when the night falls ?
Tell me, what song do you listen to when the evening looks too long and nothing but pain covers your brain ?
Tell me, wouldn’t you love to run away and just take a pause ?
Tell me, wouldn’t you love to take my hand and make the world ours?
Tell me how mad people made you today and how you can’t accept that aptitude.
Tell me what’s your favorite sleeping position.
Tell me what you do when your hearts stops receiving oxygen and your body lack hope.
Tell me if it hurts when the sun slaps and your hair shines.
Tell me how you keep this innocent childhood magic in your heart even knowing the horrors of modern life.
Tell me what you want to do right now, in this instant.
Tell me how you used to play with your favorite puppet in your early childhood.
I want to know everything you do
Even the most insignificant thing. I want to learn how your angelical eyes fight with your deepest demons.


No more blame

The sun looks magnificient
up there in the sky
dancing with the clouds.
I look at it and I fall in love,
nature can be that handsome
prince that comes to rescue you
from your life of darkness.
Loneliness will always be my friend
but the sun just looks wonderful today
I’m trying to live without loving
’cause I always give too much
and when it’s over
I have no more energy or pride
I’m trying to survive without you
Did I do something wrong?
I’m here on my own
and I can’t seem to find the road
But the sky looks blue today
and I’m not running away
no more pain
no more blame
just stand up
and fight back.