Electronic funeral

She was always running
Running from her lovers
Running from her parents
Running from the landing.
She was always thinking
Thinking a little too much
Thinking it’d always go bad
Thinking about the ending.
But when she was playing
You could see her eyes stare
Deep into the notes she faded
You could hear the piano yelling.
There’s a mysterious beauty
In the dark core of a melody
Played by a broken woman
In an electronic funeral.
But whenever she was away
From the confort of her way
She ran and fought against
Anyone that would care.
Cause it was easier to think
That everyone wants something
And after all these heartbreaks
There never was anything left.
She’d run so far from all
That she didn’t know
She was running from herself
As she was going slightly insane.
So she ran faster to not get caught
By the love some offered to her soul
She couldn’t accept the fact
That she had dangerous eyes
And right behind
A wonderful life.

I do not care

I’m feeling so good with myself

Is like a new me is growing to stay

Yet I can’t stop thinking about you

As my mind I try not to use.

I don’t know what’s wrong

But I keep looking at my phone

For an unexpected call

Or an uncertain thought.

Are you still thinking of me?

Or I never cross your memory?

Cause I’ve been doing so well

But I can’t seem to forget.

Everywhere I go I wish for you to show,

Everytime I think you’re gone

My soul crashes into stone.

I love you still

And don’t know if I’ll leave,

Even after the bad

The way you hurt me

I am still very sad

Kind of willing to forgive.

I don’t know if it’d be good

And I’m scare like hell

But truth is I want you for good

And the rest I just do not care.

Lighthouses and flowers 

I am sitting here on the balcony 

Reading some old weird man poetry 

Jiggling the joint over my lips 

Making my breath go green. 

You’re coming out the shower 

Your body smelling like flowers, 

Tulips painted in brown 

My mind spinning around. 

You’re so beautiful without make up

I feel your soul coming out of your mouth, 

As you approach to kiss me 

And with poison feed me. 

I look at you and the stars 

Give us enough nightlight 

To compress our worries 

Between these moments. 

I love your brown eyes 

And your childish smile, 

I love to feel your body 

As we dance some blurry 

Old motion cold blues 

That takes our shoes

As we undress the disguise 

We both liked to wear so much. 

We’re kind of hungry 

So we go for ice cream, 

Sitting in front of the gigantic 

Beach that goes into the Atlantic

We sat like little children 

Wishing for amusement. 

We talked in bed 

About truth and Death, 

About dreams and fears, 

Our souls shedding tears. 

We walk by the hand 

Just feeling alive, 

So little under the sky 

Of our incertain path.

Now I still sit on a balcony

This time writing bad poetry 

These days I am all alone 

Thinking about how time comes

And how I wish you were attending 

A sit in this miserable lecturing. 

Balade crépusculaire

La lune était pleine
Et de toi je me suis souvennu
Tes yeux si clairs
Dans cette lune j’ai vu.
Le soleil était couché
Donc je me suis réveillé
Et entre bouteilles vides
J’ai cherché en ma mémoire
Le petit coin
Où j’avais perdu la raison,
Et je l’aie trouvée
Là où je l’avais perdue
Quand tu as dit non.
Et toutes ces chansons
Que j’entends profond,
Seblent m’accorder
Au rythme de la symphonie
Jamais finisse.
Chaque note
Chaque vers,
Chaque œil
Ô si verts !
Comment pourrais-je
Oublier cet être
Que dans tes yeux vivait?
Comment as-tu pu
Combler cet mythe
Qu’entre tes seins
Et mes mains
Se formait ?
La mélodie on a arrêté
‘Viens, soyons normaux
Assis toi, je ferai du thé’
Mais c’était non
Et maintenant la lune
Me poursuit
Et ton souvenir
Entre les nuages


Childish eyes

She took my hand
And I could feel
The deep history behind
Her larges fingertips.
The touch of her fingers
Against my lying arm
Causes the photosynthesis
Of my soul and heart.
The simple sound
Of her heartbeat
Makes me understand
The meaning of security.
Her childhood imagination
Takes memories back
Of the unfinished missions
I took as a child.
She’s so very special
That I fear her power
So I stand like a controversial
And I glow as a flower.
The vision of her eyes
Makes memories
All come back
So would you with me grow up?
If you want to get out
Follow me darling
I’ll take you by the hand
Away from intimacy
Into the world I imagined as a child.