Versos mudos

Ya no sé si es odio o razón
Lo que surge de este corazón
Cuando los versos escucha
De esa boca que tanto suspira.
No me digáis que ya lo sé
Que nada es cómo solía ser
Pero, flaca, si te veo sin rumbo
Mi barca de paja yo ya hundo.
Pues no hay piernas iguales
Que reproduzcan esa hambre
Que tengo por tus blancas bragas
Las noches llenas de ginebra barata.
Ya no sé si te quiero o te odio
Y entre tanto añoro el otoño
En el que llegaste a mi caseta
Llena de versos sin poeta
Pues muy cansado estoy yo
Para nombrarme algo hoy.
Recuerdo esa mañana en tu cama
Acostada eras sinónimo de calma,
Y en papeles bien arrugados
Te susurraba versos amargos
Sobre amores de antaño,
Amores que provocan llantos.
Llantos que compartimos ambos
Entre el calor de ese verano
Donde la ribera de nuestra historia
Se perdió entre las memorias.
Pero éste océano de incertidumbre
Me entrega hacia las duras orillas
Dónde la locura y la angustia cunden,
Y ya se hunden mis pupilas
De no verte, de tanto cantarte
Y en mi soledad, no tenerte.



We used to talk all the time
Now you can’t face my eyes,
You told me all your secrets
Never was a good preacher.
Now listen how you talk and to whom
This is not how you designed your room,
This is not what passion meant
When you wrote it on my chest.
Hollow from the inside out
You grew a beard to hide behind,
Said you don’t want questions anymore,
Why you keep drowning your thoughts ?
Is this who you thought you were ?
Watch how it drives you insane
Whenever you hear her name.
You dealt with that memory ?
Are you sure of what you mean ?
You told me be what you want to be
Love everyone you get to meet,
Play like there were no greed
And now I don’t know where you are
I sincerely hope you are doing alright,
I Thought your pen never lied.
You come back to me now
Searching something in the dark,
But I am only your echo
And I cannot protect you,
Unless you let me inside
Just this one more time.
So write young idiot, write
About her, the wine & let’s laugh
At the odds of being caught
By Death before the Sunrise.

3:26 a.m

There’s pain in the heartbreak
Or in the mind’s overtake.
But how beautiful is it to find
All your pieces on the ground
Waiting for you to pick them up
As high as the great Sun God,
To construct another version
Of everything you are as a person.
The hability to create new
To forget all the used.
We are humans made of particules
Or we are told so anyway
And in every possible way
Without destroying we can’t create.
So we live our lives like we’re unique
And maybe we all are but not like this
It is not the need for attention
Or the battles with our great ego,
It’s the kindness, the free mind,
The soul within our tired eyes
That makes us different somehow.
Stop looking for groups to join
And listen to your own thoughts
That’s the one with the truth
That’s the one you cannot lose.
Do you feel the breeze ?
Do you see the peace?
Running from your lungs
Into the chamber of your soul?
That’s you, the real you
Asking for a truce.
Sweetlips you broke me,
Everything I hoped to be
Vanished with your hips
When you said not to fight thee.
Nowadays I don’t feel anything
But peace and love in me,
No hate no anger, just this
And the memory of us happy
Like I never hoped to feel.
And I forgive you
And I forgive me
After all it is not our fault
That life is so wrong
And society kills our prose.
I’ll ask you one more time
To take my love back
Just to feel your chest
Growing into the thin space
Of the melody we forever create.


Smoked too much weed and this came to me, never mind, be free

J’avais gardé un bédo de weed
Pour si tu songeais à moi la nuit,
Mais cette herbe est pourrie
D’attendre sans armistice.
J’ai entendu que tu as un canon
Et il pointe dans ma direction,
Gaspille pas tes intentions
Mon âme n’a pas d’armement.
Juste dis moi ce que tu veux
Et part sans laisser d’adieu,
Après tout nous sommes les deux
Des enfants qui cachent leur passion.
Je fume ce soir seul et j’entends
Le silence qui me rends anxieux,
Je songe des paysages du Japon
Si calmes entre les tremblements.
J’aimerais être aussi simple
Mais la raison m’échappe,
Quand le parfum d’un arbre
Me rappelle ton sourire âpre.
J’ai connu cet jour ensoleillé
La raison pour laquelle un poète,
Entre les flammes d’une comète
S’accroche aux ciments de la terre.
Désormais j’écris de moins en moins
Et tout semble s’évanouir dans le noir,
Quand mes yeux se ferment le soir
Toutes les chaînes parlent de toi.
J’ai balancé ma télé par la fenêtre
Mais j’entends toujours cette nouvelle,
Tu mors des lèvres qui ne sont pas les miennes
Tard le soir quand la lune est pleine.
Alors je fume, bois et j’écris
Sincèrement c’est inutile,
Les mots qui ne sont pas dis
Ne feront jamais de plaisir.


It’s all about that

Her smile.
It’s all about that.
The minute she laughs
There’s no going back.
It seems strange to me
That we just believe
What we can see,
How rare is it to feel
What we remember
Instead of remember
What we used to feel?
You could force yourself
To believe you’re over her,
But you know deep down
That she has your heart.
You are part of me
And because of this
There is no more me
Without you little Miss.
Your soft skin I remember,
My hand over your shoulder
Going down to your neck
As the bed gets really wet.
Your kisses were strange
Insecure but firmly safe,
I couldn’t wish more
From someone so young.
Where did it go?
Love is so raw,
You never know
When to stop.
I am somehow different now
You’re much bigger sweetheart,
But we keep going with the lie
Cause we’re afraid of the bad.
But baby remember your life
Is still mine best part
Come on home now,
Let’s both face our dads.
There’s always a second chance
Don’t let me ruin it one more time,
Look deep into my lonely eyes
You are the reason I’m still alive.
Smile. Smile. Smile. Smile.
Sweetheart that’s all I ask
So there’ll be enough art
To calm me down tonight.