Nights with the stars #2

I look at the sky
I see thousand of stars
but they seem different tonight
like thousands of eyes
thousands of gods
looking at me
judging me
and I wonder
how someone
or something
that’s suppose to love you
can hurt you
make you pray for mercy
your mind go crazy,
cry hundreds of dying tears
how could it be ?
don’t ask me to believe
if you’re not going to be
and frank with yourself


A small spark

I liked the way you were;
You will hide your beautiful eyes
To the world
Claiming that they’re not graceful
You’ll sit in the front of the bus
Hiding your magnificent soul
To the other passengers
You’ll live in the shades
Because you can’t accept
your blessing
You were always good at kissing
And bad at picking
Life treated you badly
But you always survived

You were the small spark that lights an enormous fire.