The waves are getting stronger

I’m sitting here on this beach

The waves fighting my feet

I love the sea

Come hang with me.

I don’t mean it in a strange way

We don’t need to kiss or hug again

You can keep your distance

I’m willing to allow that.

But come here with me

Come and sit and breath,

Let’s watch the silence be

And talk softly not to bother it.

Let’s feel the heat of the sea

And forget the cold in which we live,

Let’s drown our feet into the sand

And remember how we used to smile.

Let’s drink wine in glasses like adults

And play hide and seek when the sun goes,

Come here with me a moment

I don’t care about the problems

Just look right through this moon

And tell me why you felt like a fool.

I don’t know where to go after

But let’s have some laughter,

Just to remember an instant

How life can be brillant.


I do not care

I’m feeling so good with myself

Is like a new me is growing to stay

Yet I can’t stop thinking about you

As my mind I try not to use.

I don’t know what’s wrong

But I keep looking at my phone

For an unexpected call

Or an uncertain thought.

Are you still thinking of me?

Or I never cross your memory?

Cause I’ve been doing so well

But I can’t seem to forget.

Everywhere I go I wish for you to show,

Everytime I think you’re gone

My soul crashes into stone.

I love you still

And don’t know if I’ll leave,

Even after the bad

The way you hurt me

I am still very sad

Kind of willing to forgive.

I don’t know if it’d be good

And I’m scare like hell

But truth is I want you for good

And the rest I just do not care.

A free soul 

We are indigents on this world

Full of people filled with lost hope,

Begging ourselves to forgive her

As the pain grows I miss her.

I promised myself to never let

Anyone new, know my head,

And then you walked inside

Claiming things that were mines. 

You think just like I do,

You fear as much as I,

You hate the little lies

You love the guardians of the true.

A free soul is so hard to find

On these days we run by, 

That the first time I saw you

Looking so purely beautiful

I knew I’ve just found

The girl that my eyes

Where looking for as they write

Poems looking at the Moonlight.

So I am truly sorry

If you ever love me, 

’cause today I’ll listen and talk

About dreams and prose

But tomorrow I may shut down

As the stars begin to shine

Through these eyes of mine. 

I’ll be thinking about another World

Where misery is just another word

Kids to never grow old

Ladies don’t play the cold

Games they’re so good for. 

I love you, and I never knew I could

You love me, and I never thought you should. 

I need this pain 

To create art, 

Let’s jump the fence 

And run away now. 

On conversations

​I’m just so tired

Of normal conversations.

I don’t want to talk 

If it’s just to wait for 

Someone else’s word 

I want to be heard 

And understood 

I want to be listen to 

Through histories. 

I don’t want to hear 

Your same apologies 

The same memories 

You always do. 

I want to hear 

About what makes you, you

About what made you be here 

About your greatest fear 

And your constant dreams. 

I want to know 

What you are running from, 

What do you call home, 

I want to know about 

The raising tears you get 

At 4 am when nobody’s there, 

About your childhood wishes 

And how life smashed them, 

About what you think 

Every morning 

In front of your shoes

And makes you leave your bed 

Even if you never intended to. 

If you want to have a conversation 

Let’s have one,

But don’t expect me to listen 

If you’re going to tell me the same bullshit

You tell everyone else, 

If we have one 

Be ready to open your mind and heart

And forget the little lies. 

The land of doubt and confusion 

​Like two planets 

That just collapsed 

Your soul entered my life 

Creating a thousand stars. 

Some of them shine 

At night when I feel lost 

And alcool poisoning talks 

And surrounded by fools 

I sit alone by the swimming pool. 

Some of them shine 

At 10 am 

With the coffee break 

Filling my veins 

With impurities 

And nostalgic memories. 

But what really wanders me

Are the stars 

That don’t shine

So clear in my dreams, 

Those who keep the magic 

Dust you used to feed me with, 

The one my lips feared

Every time yours it kissed. 

I wonder if those stars 

Will ever shine up high again

Or if your hair 

Dusted the magic pearl 

My heart held.