War Zone 505

I need to see your eyes again
Lying against mines
Telling me your beautiful lies
Deep searching mines
Telling stories about castles
And moon enchantement.
I don’t know if you can feel
That the way I used to be
Destroyed me
Changed my being
To a better dream.
You should know
How your hand
How your fingertips,
How your sweet lips
Melted my soul
How the lack of sleep
Made me push more
And more
Into this dark hole
I like to call home.
We walking
through all those gigantic buildings
Smaller with every step we take in
The bad they once did.
I love nights of poetry
And bad whisky
Red tears
Warm wine
My soul
The day
You left.
This poem
May be garbage
But I know that
These words
May lead
My soul
To a new war.



Remember me? I’m still around here

What’s the point
Of finding the one
If you met her
At the wrong time?
I searched the universe
To find myself within her eyes
Making mines blind
Forget about war, capitalism
Bad Romance, and lonerism.
What’s the point
Of feeling up
If I’m only going down?
I found a reason
To be alive
And she buried it down
Where the Moon never shines.
Now I have to say goodbye
And I can’t seem to find the right
Words to describe
What I know I felt really deep inside.
So I’ll grow up
And tell you
To keep that starlight in your eyes
To, at least, make someone else’s world bright.
Cause I can’t take down civilizations
I can’t change corruption
Children labor
Or souls degradations,
But I can maybe
Keep your magic alive
Here, inside my mind
Making this words flow
And this heart beat on.
So tell me,
Would I found someone like her?
Would my soul ever breath again?
Will you take me in your pain?
Will you fulfill my lonely head?
I think your memory
Will never leave me
Even this whisky
Can’t make the melody.