Tell me..

Tell me, how old would you be if you didn’t know your age ?
Tell me, don’t you like to make love to the stars when the night falls ?
Tell me, what song do you listen to when the evening looks too long and nothing but pain covers your brain ?
Tell me, wouldn’t you love to run away and just take a pause ?
Tell me, wouldn’t you love to take my hand and make the world ours?
Tell me how mad people made you today and how you can’t accept that aptitude.
Tell me what’s your favorite sleeping position.
Tell me what you do when your hearts stops receiving oxygen and your body lack hope.
Tell me if it hurts when the sun slaps and your hair shines.
Tell me how you keep this innocent childhood magic in your heart even knowing the horrors of modern life.
Tell me what you want to do right now, in this instant.
Tell me how you used to play with your favorite puppet in your early childhood.
I want to know everything you do
Even the most insignificant thing. I want to learn how your angelical eyes fight with your deepest demons.



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