As the moon comes out to dance

                                              To K. H

I feel like I know your smile
Like I saw it when a I was a child
Your eyes shine
Even more when it gets dark
And people tend to fall out
As the moon comes out to dance.
I knew you liked the sun
As it fades when you’re gone
Making the little globes on my face
Turn around against the thread
Of a missing frame.
I see war in my screen
But nothing but hope
In your tiny globes
That just need to be seen.
Smile, my darling, smile
You just can’t deny
That beauty to the crowd,
The world need it
To be clearer
And get bigger.
Oh, love, if you knew
How many faces you turn up
How many lyrics you inspire
How much I want you to be mine
Oh you wouldn’t weep as you do.
Make yourself a promise
And shine
As you wanted to win a contest
And the prize were your perfect eyes.



No more blame

The sun looks magnificient
up there in the sky
dancing with the clouds.
I look at it and I fall in love,
nature can be that handsome
prince that comes to rescue you
from your life of darkness.
Loneliness will always be my friend
but the sun just looks wonderful today
I’m trying to live without loving
’cause I always give too much
and when it’s over
I have no more energy or pride
I’m trying to survive without you
Did I do something wrong?
I’m here on my own
and I can’t seem to find the road
But the sky looks blue today
and I’m not running away
no more pain
no more blame
just stand up
and fight back.