Conversations with a broken lady #10

‘What can I do?’, she asked me with tired eyes, ‘every night I go to bed, wishing to get some rest, but then when I’m lying there, in the middle of my now enormous bed I try to tell my brain to shut down but all I do is think about him. How can I forget the thing that’s all day long coursing me around and doesn’t let me rest at night. I tell myself to dream about someone else but it doesn’t matter what I do, choose or want, the memory keeps flowing and I still want to hold him in my arms.’
‘I’m sorry to tell you that you can’t really do much to it,’ I answered with even more tired eyes, ‘if the memories keep coming back it is because you just couldn’t assume the reality yet, and that’s okey, you are not the only one who has gone through that, you are not alone. It means that you cared for it, and you really gave your heart to the relationship but sometimes – or all the time you’ll think – thing doesn’t work out even if you give it all ’cause some people don’t or are just too scary of doing it. But you shouldn’t change yourself, just learn and grow yourself up, we learn from our mistakes daily and here, you need to let it go and hope for something to happen so that you can continue living and more importantly, dreaming.’


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