El amor

‘Entonces dijo Almitra: Háblanos del Amor

Y él alzó la cabeza y miró a la multitud, y un silenció cayó sobre todos,
y con fuerte voz respondió:

Cuando el amor os llame, seguidle,
aunque sus caminos sean duros y escarpados.
Y cuando sus alas os envuelvan, doblegaos a él,
aunque la espada oculta entre sus plumas pueda heriros.

Y cuando os hable, creed en él,
aunque su voz pueda desbaratar vuestros sueños así
como el viento del norte convierte al jardín en hojarasca.

Porque así como el amor os corona, os crucifica.
Así como os hace crecer, también os poda.
Así como se eleva hasta vuestras copas y acaricia
vuestras más frágiles ramas que tiemblan al sol, también
penetrará hasta vuestras raíces y las sacudirá de su arraigo a la tierra.

Como espigas de trigo,os cosecha.
Os apalea para desnudaros.
Os trilla para libraros de vuestra paja.
Os muele hasta dejaros blancos.
Os amasa hasta que seáis ágiles,

y luego os entrega a su fuego sagrado, y os transforma
en pan sagrado para el festín de Dios.

Todas estas cosas hará el amor por vosotros para que
podáis conocer los secretos de vuestro corazón, y con
este conocimiento os convirtáis en un fragmento del corazón de la Vida.

Pero si en vuestro temor sólo buscáis la paz del amor,
el placer del amor,
las mieles del amor,
entonces más vale que cubráis vuestra desnudez y
os aparteis de la senda del amor,

Para que entréis en el mundo sin estaciones, donde
reiréis, pero no todas vuestras risas, y lloraréis,
pero no todas vuestras lágrimas.

El amor sólo da de sí y nada recibe sino de sí mismo.
El amor no posee, y no quiere ser poseído.
Porque al amor le basta con el amor.

Cuando améis no debéis decir “Dios está en mi corazón”,
sino más bien “estoy en el corazón de Dios”.
Y no penséis que podéis dirigir el curso del amor,
porque el amor, si os halla dignos, dirigirá él vuestros corazones.

El amor no tiene más deseo que el de alcanzar su plenitud.
Pero si amáis y habéis de tener deseos, que sean estos:
De diluiros en el amor y ser como un arroyo que
canta su melodía a la noche.
De conocer el dolor de sentir demasiada ternura.
De ser herido por la comprensión que se tiene del amor.
De sangrar de buena gana y alegremente.
De despertarse al alba con un corazón alado y dar
gracias por otra jornada de amor;
De descansar al mediodía y meditar sobre el éxtasis
del amor;
De volver a casa al crepúsculo con gratitud,
Y luego dormirse con una plegaria en el corazón par
el bien amado, y con un canto de alabanza en los labios.’

by Kahlil Gibran


Sandmarks of a foreign time

It was the most beautiful and innocent thing I’ve ever seen.
As we arrived into the beach
She took her shoes off
And started running towards the sea
Like a little child
Who waited too long
for something fun.
I looked at her
From the distance I could feel her energy
Blossing, melting the sand beneath
I tried to do the same
Follow her lead,
sink my feet
But I was paralyzed
I couldn’t run
I coudn’t fight
She flied,
I shrank,
I’ve just realized
I was in love for the first time
In my whole human life.
That night
Her head against my chest
My heart
Started to shamefully cry
It was all too beautiful
And if one thing I’ve learnt
From the time my father left
Was that beauty never stays
It comes and goes with the morning shades.
That night I couldn’t even make love to her
It was all too good
We couldn’t fight
Even if we wanted it hard.
Her steps in the sand
Follow me every night
At 3am I am still yours
At 8am I am nothing but wrongs
Her enthusiasm took me to my childhood,
I wrote words about her never understood,
Poetry found me
And now you’re gone
But she won’t go,
Says there’s still art in me.
My dark side was too much
I used the last match,
It’s time for us
We payed our part.

I’ll always smile
Knowing that somewhere
In some foreign land
There’s still sandmarks
Made of the shape of her feet.


I’m finally honest with myself
Now I’ve got to be honest to you
Truth is I still love you,
It won’t change, no matter the men
The sex, the time, the place
It’s bigger than me and I need you
To know what it’s like in here.
As the day is ending,
Even the day of my wedding,
You’ll probably cross my mind
And that’s all right.
You’re my love and I accept that
I won’t let you down
Even if I tried,
I’ll always be around
For when you cry at night,
I’ll make songs and sell them
As my true creation
But it’d just be a reflection
Of the void I live in since you left.
This is all true
Don’t let my mask hurt you,
Cause I couldn’t live knowing
That I damaged your blooming.
You’re going to be alright
Just go ahead and try out,
You are worth every action
Don’t let them take your passion.
I hope you’re not sad girl
Don’t be a bad girl,
You’ll grow to see
Everything it’s meant to be.
All these lines I cannot change
All this poetry is not in vain,
If you’re listening please refrain
From misleading my love as hate
But honestly I took every hit I can.
You don’t need me no more
And that’s not wrong,
I am proud of who you are
No matter how far I go.
The mornings are hard
The night’s are not fine,
I’m dying from an illness
And my time is burning out.
So I need to move on,
Even if I can’t say goodbye,
Cause I’m feeling so low
I can’t hear the sound of my guitar.
I wished it was easier than this
But true love never is.
I could keep hiding behind
But there’s no place left in my mind,
You overloaded it with your cacao eyes.
This is my epilogue
And it is with love
That I want to let you go
Before I kill our past hopes.
We’re living in a wild world child
And I’m not man enough to carry your hand,
I always walked on the wild side
Of the sidewalk of your sunshine.
They say love is to keep that person near
I think we should let our lovers be free,
Love them like we love cats
Without forcing their hand
Being there from time to time.
Sweetheart do not mistake
My verses to be a regret
I am the happiest
When I think of your sweet face,
Your intensive hips
And your sugar lips
Repeatedly biting my neck
As we melted during sex.
Live long sweet love
Take care of your soul,
Do not let Men tell you wrong
You are everything humanity could hope.

It’s all about that

Her smile.
It’s all about that.
The minute she laughs
There’s no going back.
It seems strange to me
That we just believe
What we can see,
How rare is it to feel
What we remember
Instead of remember
What we used to feel?
You could force yourself
To believe you’re over her,
But you know deep down
That she has your heart.
You are part of me
And because of this
There is no more me
Without you little Miss.
Your soft skin I remember,
My hand over your shoulder
Going down to your neck
As the bed gets really wet.
Your kisses were strange
Insecure but firmly safe,
I couldn’t wish more
From someone so young.
Where did it go?
Love is so raw,
You never know
When to stop.
I am somehow different now
You’re much bigger sweetheart,
But we keep going with the lie
Cause we’re afraid of the bad.
But baby remember your life
Is still mine best part
Come on home now,
Let’s both face our dads.
There’s always a second chance
Don’t let me ruin it one more time,
Look deep into my lonely eyes
You are the reason I’m still alive.
Smile. Smile. Smile. Smile.
Sweetheart that’s all I ask
So there’ll be enough art
To calm me down tonight.

Sincerely yours

The way her eyes look at yours
Crossing the room full of drunks,
Chasing my moves as I look
Like somebody you’re not used to.
Then the bill comes to my hand
And there’s something to find out
About your wanders in the wild
Streets of a Southern town.
It all brings me back to reality
And as your hips start dancing,
I don’t think you can hear
The way I’m about to split
My neglected soul for thee.
Do you realize how many men
Will fall into your dirty games?
Do you realize how much it means
To be loved and to share suffering?
Truth is this is not why I am here
There is not enough love for me,
You just look like you could hurt
And I’m willing to take my turn
Right after the feeling is burnt.
She orders two shots
But she’s on her own,
I walk by her side
And freezes as the night
Swears a romanesque pact
About a man going deep down
Into the legs of an evil woman.
So I sat and ate her enormous pussy
She cried and whisper that she loved me,
I couldn’t lie, her muscles were tight
And every inch of her skin I would bite.
Sweetlips as she feels my member,
Sweet eyes in a cold December,
I watched her go without spoking a word
And now I see this girl hurting my core.
I’ve never get enough of this drug
Love lives deep in my bones,
But since you’ve been gone
There’s no one who’s enough.
So I’ll sleep with her tonight
She may even fall for my eyes,
I could fuck her brains out
But I couldn’t make love in the night,
As I want your soft skin very bad
And my soul you can still call ‘mine’.
Again truly yours,
Please do not go.