Playing with vices 

I leave my home 

And I jump to my death, 

I go far from your 

Eyes as I repeat the play. 

Always wondering too much 

Never knowing what I want,

I think I’m meant to be lonely 

I feel love right now in its bigger 

State, but I still push you further. 

I’ve never thought I could love 

So when you came into my home,

I broke my neck as I looked to the moon 

Whispering poems about my lost faith;

And then you came

Claiming your place. 

Is the moon big enough for both of us? 

Are you really truthful in your path? 

I drink from my whiskey 

As you sip your wine,

We look at the stars 

As the night began, 

I drown in smoke

As you feel left off. 

Don’t fall for me 

As I’m someone to leave, 

Don’t look into my eyes 

And tell me little lies 

Cause those are the ones 

I consider to be too much. 

Don’t leave me

In this miserable living, 

I’m giving everything 

Just to keep it going. 

No one will love you like I do 

Cause I’m too broke for you;

The constellations keep shining 

Even after a sad ending.