The first one 

She was not the first one

I’ll write verses about. 

The first one 

I’ll fall in love with.

The first one

I’d love to please. 

She was not the first one

To penetrate my soul.

The first one

To forget that I’m alone.

But she is the first one

To make me love again.

The first one 

That showed me life is great.

The first one 

To tell me I’m not fucked up.

The first one

To share my passion for the stars. 

The sky is full of beautiful asteroids 

But I keep looking for the void

Her eyes keep filling with love

As you hold on a brilliant soul. 

She is the first one

To love as I love,

To hate as I hate,

To think as I think. 

She is the first one

To make me believe

In something more than fate, 

To make me want more and more.
The moment I knew I couldn’t feel

She came to me with poison on her lips

Wondering why I was so mild and phlegmatic

The truth is inside my mind I am a lunatic;

But I prefer to keep quiet,

Make art of the silence,

Sleep on a highway 

And leave when they’re calling. 

I’m not a people’s man

I don’t like any man

More than I like myself

So here is your stupid phrase 

Now let me run away. 

She was not the first one

But she is probably the last one

I could write about 

I could trust with my insides. 

So don’t leave me sweetheart

Since I am nothing without

Your hair on my hand 

Your verses in my mind,

And when I’m feeling down

Do not let my lips tell you lies

About how you were never the one.


Don’t let life pass you by 

​There’s so many places 

I’ve never been 

So many people 

I’ve never met 

So many conversations

I’ve never had. 

Life’s short

Some say

Life’s too long 

Others say

Truth is, 


Lives inside of us 

Every part of us. 

Life doesn’t care about time 

Life lays here, right now. 

Life is what passes by 

As you ask why, 

As you wonder if you should fight, 

As you lose your wings and heart. 

There’s so many things to do, 

So many words to write, 

So many beauty to rhyme, 

And we’re here 

In the middle of a street, 

Lying against the cold asphalt 

Not caring about time or cars 

Living life, 

No fear 

No lies 

Only you and I, 

This Earth of ours 

And the moon who shines 

For the lost minds 

Too absorbed 

By the meaning of time, 

Always wanting what they don’t have, 

Wanting to be another one, 

While watching their lives pass by.