I’m finally honest with myself
Now I’ve got to be honest to you
Truth is I still love you,
It won’t change, no matter the men
The sex, the time, the place
It’s bigger than me and I need you
To know what it’s like in here.
As the day is ending,
Even the day of my wedding,
You’ll probably cross my mind
And that’s all right.
You’re my love and I accept that
I won’t let you down
Even if I tried,
I’ll always be around
For when you cry at night,
I’ll make songs and sell them
As my true creation
But it’d just be a reflection
Of the void I live in since you left.
This is all true
Don’t let my mask hurt you,
Cause I couldn’t live knowing
That I damaged your blooming.
You’re going to be alright
Just go ahead and try out,
You are worth every action
Don’t let them take your passion.
I hope you’re not sad girl
Don’t be a bad girl,
You’ll grow to see
Everything it’s meant to be.
All these lines I cannot change
All this poetry is not in vain,
If you’re listening please refrain
From misleading my love as hate
But honestly I took every hit I can.
You don’t need me no more
And that’s not wrong,
I am proud of who you are
No matter how far I go.
The mornings are hard
The night’s are not fine,
I’m dying from an illness
And my time is burning out.
So I need to move on,
Even if I can’t say goodbye,
Cause I’m feeling so low
I can’t hear the sound of my guitar.
I wished it was easier than this
But true love never is.
I could keep hiding behind
But there’s no place left in my mind,
You overloaded it with your cacao eyes.
This is my epilogue
And it is with love
That I want to let you go
Before I kill our past hopes.
We’re living in a wild world child
And I’m not man enough to carry your hand,
I always walked on the wild side
Of the sidewalk of your sunshine.
They say love is to keep that person near
I think we should let our lovers be free,
Love them like we love cats
Without forcing their hand
Being there from time to time.
Sweetheart do not mistake
My verses to be a regret
I am the happiest
When I think of your sweet face,
Your intensive hips
And your sugar lips
Repeatedly biting my neck
As we melted during sex.
Live long sweet love
Take care of your soul,
Do not let Men tell you wrong
You are everything humanity could hope.

Love me for one night

Playing with women hearts
Hurting mine,
Come on you Superman
Say your stupid line
Drag me out
Make me feel alive.
I’ll love you to death
Tonight and tomorrow
I’ll leave to the rest,
I’m just so hollow.
I’d make you mine
And forget about life
I’d chase you around
Every bar you are,
I’d drink to our romance
And forget my true love
I’d live a lie
Hiding from the one.
Dear, be mine
We’ll have fun
You’ll think I’m yours
I’ll think you’re  mine
If I lay next to you,
But my heart will beat
For another miss.
I’m a mess
Not only my hair
But all my being
Surrounded by craziness.
So I won’t know what to do
And I’ll fall in your arms
And I’ll love you dear
Till the edge of the world
But I’ll also write poems
About other lovers
The ones I failed
The ones I created
The ones I left.
I don’t want to hurt you
Or do you any damage
But my being is savage
And it could never please you.
So let me love you
Even for one night
And I’d offer you
From this heart a rhyme.