Snorting the illegal powder 

​It’s like her perfum 

Will always follow me 

No matter what country 

No matter what universe 

I’ll always be surrounded. 

I spent 3 years 

Trying to forget 

And one single breeze 

Takes it all back again. 

I’m fighting to forgive you 

And still, all these verses 

Are made of little pieces 

Of what I meant to you. 

They’re like messages 

From the bottle in my soul

That keeps playing melodies 

About our wishes and roads 

Where we walked united 

By the home we created 

With our cold-blooded hands. 

And today I see 

What you did to me 

And then reality hits 

And it’s you that I see. 

I wonder why

Is it that I can’t 

Forget you, 

Why am I always falling 

To the same memories;

The same songs 

My last vows 

My verses, all yours. 

The stars are shining 

And it’s too late 

To feel or recognize 

The pain we felt.