The wanderings around the lighthouse

‘Written in a dream, 04/17’

There is this light
that never goes off
it’s for sailors to row
and to humans enlight.
We live our lives
without knowing what to do
how to process
this hell we live in.
Nature is beautiful
and we’re part of that beauty
we feel and we meet
other people without expecting or greed.
There’s a garden in front of me
filled with long long weed
and some tulips grow here
to give color; to this dream.
Am I awake ?
Is this all fake?
Are people really that insane ?
I sit here watching her
put her shades on
as the wind blows
I can’t help but think
that this is all a dream
and that tomorrow morning
everything will disappear.
As I kiss your sweet lips
I am certain about
the contract I’ve just signed;
that states that one day
not far from this highway
I will suffer for you
and a thousand songs
will be composed
about you.


Lighthouses and flowers 

I am sitting here on the balcony 

Reading some old weird man poetry 

Jiggling the joint over my lips 

Making my breath go green. 

You’re coming out the shower 

Your body smelling like flowers, 

Tulips painted in brown 

My mind spinning around. 

You’re so beautiful without make up

I feel your soul coming out of your mouth, 

As you approach to kiss me 

And with poison feed me. 

I look at you and the stars 

Give us enough nightlight 

To compress our worries 

Between these moments. 

I love your brown eyes 

And your childish smile, 

I love to feel your body 

As we dance some blurry 

Old motion cold blues 

That takes our shoes

As we undress the disguise 

We both liked to wear so much. 

We’re kind of hungry 

So we go for ice cream, 

Sitting in front of the gigantic 

Beach that goes into the Atlantic

We sat like little children 

Wishing for amusement. 

We talked in bed 

About truth and Death, 

About dreams and fears, 

Our souls shedding tears. 

We walk by the hand 

Just feeling alive, 

So little under the sky 

Of our incertain path.

Now I still sit on a balcony

This time writing bad poetry 

These days I am all alone 

Thinking about how time comes

And how I wish you were attending 

A sit in this miserable lecturing.