Even if it sounds fake right now
You’ll always live between these lines
There’s no doubt about that
As for the Sun is coming back up.
Today I donated all my clothes
Cause I couldn’t bear the smell
Of your scent steeped in them
As you are not that close
That scent made us feel invincible
Ready to fight the inevitable
Truthful and tasty
It made you so nasty,
Bleeding from my upper lip
I just couldn’t take it.
I’ll never stop loving
Cause this world is full of suffering
And humans need to care
More about other beings pain.
We’re all in this together
You made me realize that,
We can all grow forever
You were the outcast.
I’ve never been like this
For anyone in here,
But there is no magic
Just souls matching;
Your mind fitted my heart
Your soul gave me Molly
But you don’t fit my life
But do not worry
Cause it’s alright.
I’m sitting here where we kissed
Creating out of melancholy
Not letting it bring me down
Cause you know I’ll go way too far
Without you to hold me back.
So please don’t forget
But live to be your best,
And be the changes you dream
To see in this planet we live in.



Watering my muse 

​I sit outside 

Watching the plants 

Stand up and move 

With the soft morning breeze, 

An old woman sadly smiles 

As she struggles to go up

The coline she’s climbing 

On her way to the supermarket. 

The sun is up in the sky 

At the same place the moon was 

Yesterday when I woke up,

Cars and people pass by 

The world keeps spinning around 

And I sit here 

Smoking old cigarettes 

Reading dead people poetry 

Listening dead people music

And there’s so many life outside 

Yet I sit tight 

And begin to write. 

The noise is getting bigger 

Even Henson can’t make it fade 

So I turn my thoughts away 

As I try to finish this writing 

And I laugh at possibilities 

As I hide and run 

And Death may be close 

As I’m surrounded by smoke

But I have another though 

So it won’t be nice 

But I’ll leave all this behind 

Trying to be the man 

I once dreamed I was. 

Don’t let life pass you by 

​There’s so many places 

I’ve never been 

So many people 

I’ve never met 

So many conversations

I’ve never had. 

Life’s short

Some say

Life’s too long 

Others say

Truth is, 


Lives inside of us 

Every part of us. 

Life doesn’t care about time 

Life lays here, right now. 

Life is what passes by 

As you ask why, 

As you wonder if you should fight, 

As you lose your wings and heart. 

There’s so many things to do, 

So many words to write, 

So many beauty to rhyme, 

And we’re here 

In the middle of a street, 

Lying against the cold asphalt 

Not caring about time or cars 

Living life, 

No fear 

No lies 

Only you and I, 

This Earth of ours 

And the moon who shines 

For the lost minds 

Too absorbed 

By the meaning of time, 

Always wanting what they don’t have, 

Wanting to be another one, 

While watching their lives pass by. 

Poet’s curse 

​You can’t create without destroying. That’s the poet’s curse. 

He just can’t create art 

without destroying his life 

or everyone’s around. 

Write, fuck, drink, smoke

Fuck, smoke, drink, write 

Any direction 

Is valid 

Any confession 

Can beat the habit.

You’ll think I love to write 

But it really tears me appart, 

Makes my being cry 

As my soul flies. 

I love poetry, 

But it’s so sad 

I don’t think it’s healthy 

For this man. 

It gives me hope, 

As it destroys my corpse. 

It takes me home 

When I’m surrounded 

by madness, 

It helps my loneliness 

As it causes it. 

Poetry is life 

It will take you down 

To the darkest place 

In your heart 

Make you fight 

Your deepest demons 

And greater fears, 

Kneel as you face them 

And get up as you write them. 

Poetry is like a giant plain 

Going through the clouds 

Annihilating the pain 

As it grows again;

And this is a flight 

That could never land.