Conversation with a broken lady #23

‘I don’t know anything anymore’, she told me an October night, ‘since he left, I’m lost inside my routine, I don’t know how to do basic things like brushing my teeth or eating a meal. I don’t know how to survive so far from his side. I don’t feel right away from his arms. It amazes me how dependent I may be, how broken I truly admit.’

‘ You know girl? ‘, I replied after sipping my transparent wine, ‘ It’s okay to be lost. We all are. But you have everything you can depend of in front of you, and it is not me nor someone different from you. I’d do anything I could for your well being, but your wholeness I could never achieve. No-one can but you. We are our own masters, the writers of our world, we have everything we need inside our beings. There lies the truth. I know, believe me I do, what it is to love someone more than yourself, to think of more than you could imagine, but you can’t be his savior like he can’t be yours. You could help each other, but never be the answer. You think too much, and don’t see the clarity of it. You’re more than you think, you have to find what to accomplish. You’re human knowing how rare that it’s today. So keep loving baby, but do not forget to love yourself first. ‘


The waves are getting stronger

I’m sitting here on this beach

The waves fighting my feet

I love the sea

Come hang with me.

I don’t mean it in a strange way

We don’t need to kiss or hug again

You can keep your distance

I’m willing to allow that.

But come here with me

Come and sit and breath,

Let’s watch the silence be

And talk softly not to bother it.

Let’s feel the heat of the sea

And forget the cold in which we live,

Let’s drown our feet into the sand

And remember how we used to smile.

Let’s drink wine in glasses like adults

And play hide and seek when the sun goes,

Come here with me a moment

I don’t care about the problems

Just look right through this moon

And tell me why you felt like a fool.

I don’t know where to go after

But let’s have some laughter,

Just to remember an instant

How life can be brillant.

L’insoutenable drogue 

Je veux créer de l’art 

Pas pour, mais sur toi;

Je veux te lire des poèmes 

Et t’entendre rire de ce phénomène 

Dont j’en parle si peu et sent trop, 

Écrire des milliers de vers sur ton dos. 

Je sais que ton cœur est brisé 

Et tu rêves qu’il soit épuisé, 

Mais le temps fait autant de mal 

Qu’il n’en fait de bien. 

Car une personne comme toi 

Ne finira jamais sa conquête 

D’un monde de savoir 

Et de choses éphémères. 

Je pourrais le dire et écrire 

Une centaine de fois 

Mais ton âme se limite 

Au mal auquel elle croit. 

C’est cela qui te rends toi 

Et personne d’autre il voudra. 

Ses mains se baladait sur le piano 

Comme sur la Lune le petit Pierrot 

Se balançait en suivant l’escargot,

Et mon âme était touchée 

Et mon cœur réanimé. 

Sa voix était une mélodie 

Qu’entre les nuages démordit 

Mes amollissantes pensées, 

Entre les heures du passé. 

Ton sourire est comme le vin 

Après une longue journée de dédin,

Dans tes yeux je m’envole 

Vers un nouveau monde;

Celui dont je parlais 

Quand je rimais, 

Celui dont j’ai rêvé 

Le jour de mon arrivée. 

Alors laisse moi t’écrire, 

Et ne lâche pas ton sourire, 

Car tout ce qui t’entoure 

Tu illumines, 

Et peut-être ces pauvres rimes 

Pourront mieux que moi te dire, 

Que tu es l’insoutenable drogue 

Qui renouvelle mes forces. 

Miracles in hell 

Miracles happen 

Even in hell,

You have to take asset 

And forgive happiness. 

Fill your life with dreams 

Live your dreams 

Do not dream, 

Do not listen 

To the stream, 

Live good 

Fuck hard, 

Drink fast

And vomit nice, 

Feel the journey 

Don’t be consumed 

By it. 

Listen to classical music 

Feel the instrument sing, 

Make your friends proud

And forget about pride,

Go to concerts 

And kill the moment, 

For Death is waiting 

And better leave her to it. 

Read good poetry

Nothing like this, 

Do some music

Don’t listen to me, 

Be you 

For God’s sake. 

So be alive 

And create your own path,

Do it for Jesus Christ 

Or for the children you rise. 

Let me alone now, 

Being tired of all this fight 

Need to rest before we can

With the current fly high. 

Lost at sea 

‘Winter, 2010’

I don’t know what the hell 

Women want from men, 

You could fuck her brains out 

Then leave her to grown up 

And she wouldn’t be satisfied. 

You could give her your heart 

Love her like only a broken can 

And she wouldn’t be satisfied. 

I may be such a psychopath 

Writing this verses so sad, 

That even dead Christmas trees 

Wouldn’t cry as much as for thee. 

I may not feel anything 

I’ve never wanted a thing, 

I may give you my entirety 

My crashed soul and my poetry 

But you’ll never know me

Although what I may give. 

Cause there’s a great emptiness 

That lives in the surface of every cell 

That composes my decomposed being, 

And I really never learnt 

How to deal with this paint 

I keep swallowing for my need 

Of writing about this pain 

That never leaves my hand. 

You probably love my eyes 

Cause they’re blue like the sky, 

But you know nothing about the darkness 

That keeps emerging from them. 

I am like a abandoned little lost ship 

Drowning even knowing how to swim

Begging life for just a recess 

Lighting new cigarettes,

It sure was a beautiful fight 

But it’s time for this cold heart.