The cigarette habit

I feel it between my lips
Growing and blowing
Like a midnight trip
Making my lungs
Their sweet home.
This cigarette habit
Longing for Death
Beautiful, eternal fight
Lightning a new cigarette
Laughing at faith,
‘Find me a lighter, quick.’
The light at the top
Off my cigarette-rolled
Flashes like an enormous star
Never stopping the fight.
This is my last cigarette sir,
I swear.
I was just trying so hard sir,
To change.
Lying to myself
Lightning cigarettes,
Blowing O’s
Was everything I ever done,
So I’ll ask Death,
And also to myself,
Will you find me
Surrounded by all this smoke?
Will I find myself
In the middle of this cigarette?
I am probably wrong,
But it’s actually time for a smoke.



Jackie boy

Oh Jackie boy
Show me how to live
Making it worth to breath.
I am a succession
Of small victories
And big defeats.
Show me the way
To completely forget her,
My queries, please, erase
Make them fade away.
Oh, Jackie boy
Show me the door
To a different world,
Like in my childhood dawns.
Light my cigarette
And make a wish
Maybe tomorrow
That world will exist.
All these nights we’ve been through
Filled with poison words
And fakes smiles,
‘This coffee smells so bad’,
‘I just want it to die.’
Jackie boy, Jackie boy,
Fill my drink
Make me think
About something less ill,
Let her out of my world,
And, please, make this rhyme
To her name be the last.