I drew an Ensō today

Today, I drew an Ensō. Every line of it, representing every move I made, everyone I left, everyone I loved and secretly changed. It stares at me as a reminder of what I was and what I can become. The light and dark war, the images I saw, the feelings I’ve known, everything it’s in its core. There are some lines more confident than others, there are some that never end, some stop and restart far away; there is continuity and discontinuity, the meaning and its opposite, always reminding me what life is and how nothing is ever totally finished. I could die today, but my words will stay. The energy will remain. I drew an Ensō today and I know it is not perfect. It’s pretty ugly you’ll say and I couldn’t deny it. Life is about vision and yours might be a hundred times different. But if you’re reading this, and wondering, then I have done something and that’s my meaning. Don’t take what I give you and accept it as the true, question everything about me, question yourself and hurt me too, find the truth you were meant to have and never look back. I drew an Ensō today, it took me all day, and it was an amazing escape.


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