The unforgiven 

Don’t forget, 

This shit made you feel good 

These arms made you feel true

Don’t forget. 

These places made you smile 

These streets you happily ran  

This smile made you feel alive 

When anything else was not right. 

Don’t forget, 

That you’re capable of feeling good 

And if you ever do, 

Write me please do, 

Call me. 

I’ll sing you verses made out of hope 

I’ll kiss every broken part of your soul, 

We’ll run like children 

And you’ll cry for the unforgiven. 

Don’t forget, 

What we made each other felt 

When I told you who you were 

And you told me what to praise

Don’t forget. 

The little chats about everything 

The long conversations about anything, 

The knowledge of sharing an ideal

The unconscious similar positions 

Don’t forget, 

How you made me feel important 

As the World kept tearing us,

This shit made you feel good 

So if you think about it like I do, 

Please do not forget. 

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