On fear 

I keep giving too much of myself 

To a person I’ve just met;

And confidence was my only blame 

When everyone just turned me insane. 

Her presence, the feel of her eyes 

Touching mines, exploring as they hide 

Makes me feel safe, and understood;

But how can I change, if I’m always so tense. 

How can I imagine a world 

Where innocence reings 

When everything I’ve ever experienced

Was pain, dust and misery. 

I love to look into those eyes,

And feel your soul, getting to mine,

But is this too much ? 

Or am I just some jerk

That lies to himself 

More than he trust the outset ? 

My mind runs crazy

Everytime I’m with you,

My lungs feel absorbed 

By the beating of your heart

As you lie there, head down

Into the surface of my chest. 

Do you really want to know what’s behind

These cold, strange, uncertain eyes ? 

Don’t you fear the demons you could find ?

Are you prepared for the battle I’ve fought my whole life ?

‘Cause Heaven is just a dream, 

But Hell lives inside of me

And every night you are not by my side

The demons keep slowly growing high 

Climbing the montain of my lies

Sleeping with the princess 

I once had.

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