The need for nature 

Why is it so difficult 

In today’s society 

To just feel the cult 

And forget the prophesy. 

The one that tell us 

That we are trapped 

In the hands of time 

And wasting our life. 

Why is it 

That the only thing I want 

Is so simple 

Therefore there is mystery. 

Your soul I’m missing 

Your arms so strong for that body, 

Your eyes so beautiful for that oddly 

Face you like to wear. 

Could real love be crashed by this World ?

Could time tear appart everything we fought for? 

Could you feel the words I write inside you? 

The ones I never mentioned before meeting you?

I am losing my mind 

As happiness is trying to grow 

And it gets pulled out by this World, 

That seems so uncertain

And constantly unpleasant 

Compared to the poetry I forge. 

So when you see me next time 

Don’t fool me or ask me 

About the legendary advent 

That never made me its way to me 

Between all this petrified scent 

That comes out of my mouth. 

How can I know that I’m right 

If I can’t contemplate it from far, 

Away from this sad sad faces 

Melting into Nature laces, 

Fighting the forgiveness 

Away with my loneliness. 


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