Red wined demons 

Like red wine leans over a glass 

My greater demon keeps coming back. 

From behind my head 

There’s voices everywhere 

That tell me to fuck over 

That everyone is a goner. 

Every single day 

Every single place 

I go to, or think of 

Makes me feel you 

And adore you. 

I see light come from inside 

Of your body and your arms, 

I feel your pain embrace mine 

And hug it like it’s Christmas time. 

Every time I’m with you

Touching with only one finger 

Every part of your soul 

Of that body made by Lucifer, 

I am told a whole different World, 

Your lips make me feel, and relieve 

All the bad I think about the man I’ll be, 

You made me better, 

You still do

Every day you get me, 

I’m your private zoo. 

But every night you’re far from my home

Every time your shinning star is gone 

These demons come back into my life 

And every though I ever wished to have 

Is gone like this cold old red-lighting wine. 

All my so-called happiness 

Acts like two magnets

With the touch of the bottle 

That doesn’t have a partner. 

So I need you darling, 

I need the feel of you

Lying on my chest so much

I’m not feeling my arms. 

I need some lighting, 

Some new ways of fighting 

These demons behind me;

I need you to take me, 

Entirely, completely and 

To show me the slow March 

Of the broken ones.


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