On conversations

​I’m just so tired

Of normal conversations.

I don’t want to talk 

If it’s just to wait for 

Someone else’s word 

I want to be heard 

And understood 

I want to be listen to 

Through histories. 

I don’t want to hear 

Your same apologies 

The same memories 

You always do. 

I want to hear 

About what makes you, you

About what made you be here 

About your greatest fear 

And your constant dreams. 

I want to know 

What you are running from, 

What do you call home, 

I want to know about 

The raising tears you get 

At 4 am when nobody’s there, 

About your childhood wishes 

And how life smashed them, 

About what you think 

Every morning 

In front of your shoes

And makes you leave your bed 

Even if you never intended to. 

If you want to have a conversation 

Let’s have one,

But don’t expect me to listen 

If you’re going to tell me the same bullshit

You tell everyone else, 

If we have one 

Be ready to open your mind and heart

And forget the little lies. 


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