The isles of numerous past mistakes 

​Could someone please give me sign 

Have I been wasting my time 

Wondering why, or waiting while 

The world passes me by? 

I never heard the starting gun 

And as I get old 

I feel like my soul 

Just grown up 

To feel let down

And I write and I write 

But I don’t seem to understand 

The messages I receive 

Or the lies I am told 

As I try to succeed. 

I’m not sure what I’m doing 

My heart tells me Avanti 

And I drown him 

On beer or whisky 

’cause you’re not here with me. 

And I realize everything I’ve done 

Everything I ever wrote 

Was yours;

It was your soul 

I’ve tried to write 

And my soul 

Felt so let down 

She asked me to love 

Some other girl 

But I’m broken 

And you’re in my mind always, 

So I can’t seem to get over 

And to find some other lover 

’cause yours had some much energy 

My body couldn’t take it. 


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