Conversations with a broken lady #18

​’I’m tired of pretending,’ she told me with intense eyes at the station bench, ‘after he left, I suffered a lot, more than I could try to explain. And after a certain time, I thought I had move on, I really thought I was happy again, that it was all over, gone. But now I realize it was all a lie, he’s still on my mind and always has. It’s like a disease from which you can’t recover. I want to call him, tell him all this things, but I don’t want to ruin him. His happiness is my first priority, and mine’s not even second.’

‘Stop doing this to yourself,’ I asked her worryingly, ‘it really isn’t the easiest way to do it but you should let it go now. If you want to call him and tell him the truth, do it. Truth is what matters. We tell little lies everyday, and forget about them the day after; but when you tell the truth, it stays there, it changes things. To better or worse but at least it makes it different, like closure. Right now you don’t know where you are. I don’t mean it physically, but your true self don’t know what it wants, so you’re aging for direction. And the direction we already know seems always the better, the easiest; but it isn’t always the best. Time changes things and persons, it’s inevitable. You have to keep going, with truth as your armor, and in the right time you’ll find the image you were searching for.’


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