Conversations with a broken lady #17

‘Should we go ahead and take back the person that’s in our heads?’ she asked me as the sun came down, ‘should we forgive and forget all the pain they came along? Should I accept him back just because the memories are driving me mad? I don’t know what to think anymore, I know what my heart wants but I don’t think my brain speaks the same code.’
‘There’s something you should know,’ I replied sincerely, ‘the people who can brake your walls, and make everything just grow and glow, can brake you too. There is some kind of danger in every relationship, you give yourself to the other person and you expect, hope maybe, that they’re going to treat it good, when you’re in love you’re blind and insensitive to the consequences, you hide yourself from the bad in the world and you expect everything to be as magic as the moment that you were with that person. But when the ultimate reality – to quote Huxley – comes, you’re not yours anymore, there’s some crucial parts missing, the parts you gave away, for a good cause surely even if it doesn’t feels like it right now. And those parts are what you’re missing, you can try ahead and live them with someone else, it’s never going to be the same, but it could be better anyway.’
And we stood there, filled with questions without answers as the moon came up and we hugged, she cried and the caterpillars laughed.



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