Hole to eternity

I fell into this deep hole
Where darkness dominates
And together we were whole
As the moon, crazy thoughts illuminates.
I look at that moon
Wondering if you are seeing it too;
Do you see the moon beating
At our words rythme?
Do you craw at night
When from everyone you hide
And you’re willing to go outside?
Do you wonder about Death
When everything you have is a cigarette
And these old books of failed drawings?
I wonder if she draws poems in her mind
When she thinks about I, I,
Wonder if she’s looking at
the same moon I am,
How tiny and beautiful her eyes can be
Compared to all the suffer mines bleed.
Do you think you can cure my being?
Do you believe in human harmony?
Do you ever feel like weeping yourself out?
‘Cause every time I imagine you,
All my hands can hope to achieve
Is to be loved by someone like you
And from this ground hole, be freed.



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