Let’s be kids once again

I used to wish to be an astronaut,
feel higher than anyone
Dance with the stars
in the open space
see how tiny and beautiful
the Earth is.
I used to wish to be away from everyone,
all human kind
embrace loneliness,
run away into all these
beautiful wise trees.
I used to love to evade
In time and space
Forget about society
Live like a solitary.
I used to dream
About being another but me
Smiling at difficulties
Sleeping like a baby.
But now darling,
Now that you’re with me
I just love to be
Standing next to you. Feeling your energy
So positive, against mine
Making everything just shine
Every color blowing
Like fall-trees
With their leaves
Into the ground crashing.
You make everything
Look like childhood memories,
Grow up with me
Let’s be kids once again
Hide behind necessity
And laugh until the Earth shakes,
And Death be completely afraid.



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