The Moon’s hiding tonight

I look up in the sky
The Moon’s hiding tonight
I see myself melting
With the darker light
Of a missing star.
I wish I could just
Stay between the Moon’s arms
And forget these humans
Living of dust and lust.
Humanity has so many
Lies in their eyes,
All over their filthy hands,
You couldn’t trust
The unique self you’re living with.
They say poetry it’s sad
I wish I’d understand,
It’s healthy bad
And soulful needed.
You couldn’t believe
What it has done for me,
To me..
Helping escape the world
Of hypocrisy and troubled souls,
Evade to a world
Where every word formes a new home.
We fight wars
We don’t understand
We live in raws
Packs of bad wine.
Every night
I like to look at the sky
And remember the times
Where she was there
And I was hers
And even the force of the Sun
Charged with responsibilities
And high insecurities
Couldn’t take that away.



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