Hands full of unsaid words

Do you know how much
I’d love to hold you in my arms
Right now?
Do you know you’re the last thing
I think about every single night?
Do you wanna know my inner secrets
And just lay down in the river?
Would you tell me yours
And just make some noise?
I need to see inside of you
So I can fall for you,
I want to listen your problems
And kiss you like lovers.
Would you take my dark soul
And accept it like your own?
Would you love me
Even when the sky is grey
And my feelings are locked away
Taking with them the key?
Would you let me write
About your beauty
And just drown
These letters in whisky?
I want to know every bit
Of your story
And keep it
-with me –
Let me write to you
’cause my mouth can’t find
Enough words for you,
And I seem to have so many in my mind,
My hand just seems to fly.



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