Dear diary

Dear diary, I am afraid. Yes, I am afraid of the fact that they may be right. They tell me that, once my hair starts falling my morality will too. That once I’ll ‘become a man’ I’ll find myself to be a more selfish person,to be more interested by capital or possession matters than the pursuit we all know and kinda look for, happiness. For me happiness goes hand by hand with people. I can’t be fully happy if people around me are not. That’s my curse. I carry along hundreds of dying inner depressions of friends, family or myself. I wish I could just put my arms around these broken pieces and just put them all back together again, but more solid than before, stronger than before. The fact that I need people to be happy around me creates in me a feeling of hate towards people. They just can’t be happy with what they have. So givin is a good thing to do but it isn’t all. We all need to find ourselves before even trying to do anything else. Ask ourselves the primary queries, and finding what we are aiming for. You may be scared of what you’ll find in there, but truth is that the feeling of knowing is better than your imaginary world, your once self-created life. So even if I may be scare, I don’t think I’m going to change that easily, ’cause after all I’m beginning to like this curse of mine.



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