Conversations with a broken lady #9

‘How many times can we forgive the disappointment to the people we love?’, she told me as one tear came from her beautiful eyes, ‘I’m sick of forgetting everything so that we can be friends and act like everything’s going great. I don’t want no more lies, I seek for honesty even if I’m not sure if it can be find in this world of ours.’
‘ Fuck them’,  I told her as the tears stopped, ‘They don’t deserve you and they definitely don’t deserve your sorrow and crying. People are fucked up or maybe we are, but I disagree to accept that a person that loved you at least for a while can make you suffer this way. So if someone doesn’t bring anything positive to your life, fuck them, let them go and make your life yours. There’s not much more that you could do so just fuck them and live.’



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