Conversations with a broken lady #7

‘I can’t take it anymore,’ she told me that sunny day, ‘I found myself hiding from people of my past everyday, people talk about everything without knowing the most little thing and that scares me. I don’t want to be a marginal, I just want to be happy like everyone else, I don’t know how they do it, all this fakeness, the big and hiding lies, it is too much for me. This world is too cruel to me.’
‘You should stop caring about what others will think and start looking for what you really need’, I told her as the waves began to grow, ‘People are bad to each other; poor people are bad to poor people, rich people are bad to rich people and viceversa. We can’t really like everyone I think and that’s too bad, but there’s nothing we can do sometimes so you just have to let it happen, let it flow through your mind, soul and body and try to get up every morning and fight the world back. You can’t worry about everything, it would just be self torture, stop thinking that much and just act, act and let it happen.’


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