Conversations with a broken lady #2

“I think I have an illness, I may be sick”, her lips moved, “I give my heart immediately in every relationship I start, to friends, family, lovers.. And at the end, they all treat it badly, give kicks ’till it’s stops to scream for something it’s never going to get. They just take it, brake it and don’t care then. I am sick, sick of love. I should stop giving that much to people that don’t seem to appreciate it, shouldn’t I? ”

” Oh, girl, what you have it’s not an illness, it’s a blessing. But every blessing comes with a curse. Yours is to suffer for all the bad in this world, you’ll met wonderful humans, that would actually appreciate you, even love you, but everything has to come to an end, that’s life and there’s nothing we can do about it. And no, you shouldn’t. Even if it’s clear that you will suffer for this, all these people you loved once have a piece of your heart with them, they carry it on like their own shoes, you marked them and they’ll never forget you and at the same time you will always remember them; they took your heart but never forget that they made you feel alive, loved at least for a while. They gave you some very good times, showed you the best parts of life. And for a time, you meant everything to their lives.”



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